My work grounds its roots in the earth, in the ancient, to what has survived and grown. To what carries a long and distant history, and will know a lasting future. The passage of time permeates my artistic exploration, a temporal study of spaces among other spaces. It is an attestation to the durability and the forgiveness hiding in the cracks of time’s passage.

In concrete terms, my painting begins with the physical characteristics of its subject : shapes, lines… Immersed in colour, they pave the way towards the meaning of the work, itself organized through layered points of view. I look for forms that inspire me, organic or geometric, that combine to create multiple pictorial planes, at times transparent, other times opaque.

Everything is a function of sensory experience. Of a reflection on the emotion eroused by colours, lines, and shapes. Thus the participation of the viewer is essential in my work; I hope to awaken their sensitivity, solicit their memory. In short, I attempt to paint the invisible.